WI-FI Services

  •  Now offering WIFI Services,

Several companies already provide the same or similar services that we offer.

  • Hot water/boiler monitors
  • Heater perimeter  monitoring
  • Water Meter Monitoring
  • Propane Tank Monitoring
  • Oil & Gas
  • HOA Security & Lighting 
  • We can develop a computer/ Mobil app that is controllable by facility administrator. after high/low limits are set, administration may fine tune settings with push notifications sent to manager alerting any changes.
  • Develop program with interactive graphs directly affecting changes made to temperature changes, showing cost savings or deficits resulting from changes made to default settings.
  • Monthly publications within the application with cost saving tips(peak/off peak  hours of use, etc. )

Along with current laws for the county they are in, or alerts of any temporary restrictions.  Essentially "keep you in the know

  • Monthly calibration of smart systems

Camtriot Smart Systems will visit each facility to check that system is functioning optimally.

Our promise to provide client with any upgrades in software and hardware. as soon as they become available to the market. giving each facility the most efficient system as it's made available to Camtriot Smart Systems.

Camtriot Smart Systems will make available to promote companies name on our website as a participant in smart systems. (If they desire)

24 hour support